Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MUTE Portable

MUTE is an anonymous filesharing application by Jason Rohrer, placed on the public domain. When you connect to the MUTE network, you connect to a few users, your "neighbours". When you search for a file you send a search request to all your neighbours and they forward it to their neighbours etc. The search results return to you through your neighbours and the same goes for the file if you decide to download it. This way you do not have to connect directly with the person that has the file and that, in addition to some other measures that MUTE takes, makes you anonymous in the network because it is really hard for someone to find what you share or what you download. MUTE Portable is what its name suggests. I made it by compressing the executables in the directory of MUTE and then packing the directory in a zipfile. Just unzip it and you will have a ready to use MUTE installation that occupies only 5.4MB. For more information on the MUTE network and the original application visit its homepage. You can download MUTE Portable by clicking here.

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