Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Program - Ask Wise

Ask Wise helps you make statistical predictions. Initially I had written it's algorithm in Plua which is port of Lua for palmtops and the first experiment with the program was to create a database with records of the height, weight, age and sex of many people. Then Ask Wise would be able to predict someones sex given his height weight and age.

Later I ported the algorithm to Visual Basic while improving many aspects of it. It now has much more features. But still the main idea is the same: Give it a database with sets of N numbers. Then give to it a set of N numbers with gaps (holes in a set of the N numbers) and Ask Wise will fill each hole with a number based on the databases records.

Does is seem complex? Well it might be a little but it is a very nice program as it can predict many things if you provide it with a good knowledge file (database). Just make sure that you read the help (by clicking the help button in the program).

You can download Ask Wise by clicking here.

Here is a screenshot:

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