Saturday, August 29, 2009

OnTop v1.0 (and some news)

It's been 3 months since my last post. No, I haven't abandoned my blog, it's just that I'm working on other things too, mostly on anonymous networks like TOR's "Onionland" and Freenet. I also made and learned things that aren't meant to be on this blog (yet). For example I started writing a remote control application in Java (using the marvelous NetBeans IDE) along with a friend (DimBiC) so I also learned how to use SVN. At the same time I moved from Ubuntu to Windows 7 because I only have one laptop (unfortunately made by Sony) which refuses to run Freenet properly on Ubuntu and instead crashes overnight. By the way I am amazed by how nice Windows 7 is, it has nothing to do with Vista. But, still, I miss Ubuntu... Now that I work on Windows again I learned programming in AutoIt. What can I say? I love it... It's not meant for serious programming but writing programs in it is actually funny. AutoIt allows you to play with so many aspects of Windows so easily. It's an interpreter full of system functions ready to control, use, abuse, or expoit your (or someone else's) system! (and it creates standalone portable executables!) So here is what I and DimBiC (a friend of mine) just made: OnTop. A program that sits on your tray and toggles the always-on-top property of any window with just a keystroke (Win+Alt+T). With another keystroke (Win+Alt+Y) you can set the transparency for all inactive always-on-top windows. This is the first version so there might be some bugs which, at the time being (3:42am), I lack the mental clarity to detect and fix. To download OnTop click here. (AutoIt source code included of course...) PS: The cool Marvin icon was made by the guy here.

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