Thursday, December 13, 2012


The other day, while browsing Wikipedia, I wondered how hard it must be to have weird fetishes without being able to share them with someone or even to discuss them with your partner. So the idea that struck me was that a computer could ask both partners about their fetishes, then compare their answers and finally reveal only the common ones. So I thought I'd make a website about this. After a little brainstorming I thought that turning this into a full fledged sex questionnaire, aiming to give ideas to couples too, would be even better. So I started making Sexionnaire.

I had my girlfriend help me with the graphics and with compiling the huge questionnaire. It turns out the database is bigger than the site's code. The site is written in PHP from scratch with a little jQuery for the expanding list effects and the asynchronous requests. Anyway the site can be found at

It doesn't need your email or anything else. You just create a questionnaire pair, you give out the proper link to your partner, you click on your link and you both start solving the questionnaires (it doesn't have to be done at the same time of course, the questionnaire links never expire). When you are done you submit your answers and you are taken to the results page. There, if your partner has also finished his/her questionnaire, you will be able to see all the common answers. There is a little twist though: only the partner that gave the least positive answers will be able to see the results. This is done to avoid cheating by checking everything just to reveal your partners answers. If you are the one that sees the answers then you will also be given a link that will help you print cards with all the common answers so that you can play a game with them (put them in a box and draw cards whenever you fell horny).

So give it a try and tell me what you think. The site is over 18 obviously (Although it contains no pictures, yet. Only links to external sites with more info.) and currently only supports heterosexual couples. I'll make a version for homosexual couples when I get a chance.

PS: The questionnaire needs more than one hour to complete but you can save your progress by clicking "Continue later" at the bottom. Just make sure you don't loose the URL, bookmark it so that you can get back later.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PAL v2

Quick post. A user asked me to make PAL pass command line parameters to the executable that it executes portably and so I did. I also fixed a possible bug.

You can download PAL from here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That attitude will not get us out of the crisis.

I just saw this on Greek national television and I really have to make some comments on it.


I'm neither a public service worker, nor a thief.

And, I don't drink ouzo, break plates or say Opa in my daily life. Oh and I don't know Yorgo, Yanni, or Niko from Greece, although I am certain that they're really really nice...

My country is a democracy, actually it invented the concept...
Actually ancient Athens invented democracy, not Greece. If you consider that to be the same then your country also threw retarded or disabled children over a cliff (what we (and Nazis) call eugenics). Also modern Greeks OBVIOUSLY have no idea about how a democracy is supposed to work and this is obvious if you look at the way they vote: purely for personal short-term benefit.
I speak Greek and five other languages, and most of the people from my country speak at many foreign languages...
True, most people here speak Greek, English and one more language.
I could probably sew my country's flag in my backpack, but Greece's heritage goes far beyond the geographical borders. It invented the West...
What? It invented the west? What is that even supposed to mean?
I believe in Hellenism... The entire world aspires to its ideals... 
And if I owe anybody any money today -and by the way I am not the only one- it's because I invented the idea of a free market!
What the fuck is this girl talking about? There were people trading over the seas way before "Greeks" inhabited Greece. Also when did YOU (specifically) invent the free market? You, Katerina, did nothing about the "invention" of a free market and I doubt that a free market needs to be invented. It's just natural to trade things and if you do it outside state control, a free market emerges, it is not an invention.
And if you critique me today, it's because I invented the idea of critique.
 Again, when did YOU, Katerina, invent critique? Somebody else in the past did, and the world owes nothing to modern Greeks for that. On the other hand modern Greeks owe, as much as the rest of the western world, to those guys that ACTUALLY invented democracy and critique. Don't think that you are somehow less obliged to those who invented democracy then the rest of the world. We all owe them a lot. The fact that you were born in the same geographical area, speaking a similar, closely related, language with those that invented democracy doesn't entitle you to any special treatment or honor by the rest of the world, you were just "lucky".
I believe in Freedom , so if I need to, I protest...
In this country most people don't even know how to vote. Some of them even protest for the shit they themselves caused. Of course the rest of the people both know how to vote and protest but unfortunately practically nothing changes as long as those people remain a minority.
I believe in the joy of life. I have the right to. There's nothing wrong with that!
I can swim in the waters of over 6000 islands! M
y country is of exceptional beauty, and tradition.
Good for you and I agree to everything but the last thing. I consider tradition useless (and in some cases dangerous) cause it rallies people around trivial things instead of actual opinions and wants.
And my family is a sacred institution!
 In most civilizations the family is "sacred" in some way. Nothing to see here people, move along.
You call me Greek, but it's Hellene, NOT Greek, HELLENE!
"Greek" is also acceptable as well as many other names: . I turns out that it stems from Graikos, a son of Zeus. Also we are not the first country in the world that uses another name for itself than the rest of the world.
My name is Katerina...
My name is Kostas...
And I am Hellene...
And I was accidentally born in Greece, surrounded by arrogant and irrational people as well as a few bright exceptions.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BTConvert v10

v10 is a minor update again. Google somehow broke the exchange rates so I switched it to this source. Also changed the Pecunix source to another site. The exchange rates are refreshed much faster now.

You can get v10 here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

TorJump v4

Version 4 of TorJump is out and can be found here.

This version contains the tor domain hardcoded into it. That way you don't need to trust me to distribute the correct download link via dropbox. If I try, by altering the dynamically changing download link in my dropbox, to make you download something outside the domain, TorJump will refuse to do so. Great, isn't it? :-)

The source code can be found here.

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