Thursday, January 26, 2012

TorJump v4

Version 4 of TorJump is out and can be found here.

This version contains the tor domain hardcoded into it. That way you don't need to trust me to distribute the correct download link via dropbox. If I try, by altering the dynamically changing download link in my dropbox, to make you download something outside the domain, TorJump will refuse to do so. Great, isn't it? :-)

The source code can be found here.


  1. Torjump sounds like just what I am looking for. When I run it, it ask for the URL I would like opened so I put that in. But when I run torjump after that instead of opening the url it opens I missing something?

  2. Hi anonymous. Unfortunatelly the latest versions aren't compatible with the newest tor bundles as the devs changed the way firefox gets its home page. I don't have the time to fix for now but I will probably do so in the future. It's really annoying because I already had to go through the process of finding where in hell firefox stores the homepage a few times as new bundles were released (I've got no idea why they kept changing the place). I even tried to fix it for the latest versions but for some reason it didn't work and then I stopped trying.

    All I can say is check back every month and I might make it work again. Sorry.

  3. You might try the Firefox ESR version. It changes less frequently and is also more secure. It's what the Tor Browser bundle is using. Hope that helps.

  4. how do i access dark web to find black market items, im in need


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