Thursday, January 4, 2018

Autozeep v5

Version 5 adds some more excluded extensions as well as a report on files that are not compressed well enough. After or during a run, check the ini file for a list of file extensions that did not meet the target 97% (customizable) compression ratio. For example, a 1MB file that after compression takes 990KB has not met the target and its extension will be reported in the ini file. And if you do add the extension to the exclusion list, it will be decompressed next time it's encountered during a run.

You can download Autozeep v5 from here.

Finally, version 4 was accepted in Softpedia but they made some hilarious mistakes. I will contact them to correct at least the first one but for some reason, the "Author Homepage" link in the program listing directs users to this and I have absolutely no idea why. It should have been linking to this blog instead. Additionally they made some a lot of mistakes about what the program does. They seem to be suggesting that the program also defragments your drive, which it doesn't, in fact my advice is that you should manually defrag your drive after you run the program because it causes fragmentation. And a few other minor things here and there like that the program doesn't support SSDs (which it does) or that it monitors the drive when it's really just scanning the drive once, processes the files and then exits (it is not an always-on solution, you simply run it periodically).

But given that it's a free service and that they actually tested it to some degree means that I'm not complaining about it. Click the image below to check out the program listing.

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