Thursday, March 17, 2011


EDIT: Google stopped prividing this API so I've taken both the website and the Autoit version down as well since they don't function anymore. If someone is interested in them for some reason just contact me.

The post about the apps I use on my Android phone will delay some more. In fact I might not even finish writing it if I find an app that creates online lists with your installed apps and allows you to publish them. I actually think I had seen one such app. Anyway, today's menu includes an online bulk QR Code generator I just made. It's written in JavaScript so you can just download the webpage and host it anywhere you want even if you don't have PHP support on your server. Mine is hosted on my Dropbox public folder for example. Right click and "view source" to see how it works. It uses Google's Chart API and jQuery.

So here it is.

I also made an executable version in AutoIt3 but I don't see any reason to upload it yet, since the JavaScript version has the same basic features.

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