Friday, October 30, 2009

FrontPAQ v4

FrontPAQ is now better. Here is a list of changes:
  • The progress bar moves smoothly and not only on the end of files.
  • FrontPAQ doesn't show a folder selection dialog if you run it. Instead it displays how to use it which now has changed: you drag and drop things on it. That way you can have it on your Desktop or you can have a shortcut in the quick launch and use it easily by dragging directories or files on it.
  • It will search the directory where it is stored for PAQ8P*.exe compressors and use the first one if available. If it finds none then it will temporarily export an embedded one in its directory. If its directory is read-only (eg CDROM) it will use the system temp instead.
  • It is compatible with PAQ8PF too which is a much faster compressor with still great compression.
  • It includes two embedded compressors: PAQ8PX v64 and PAQ8PF beta 1. You can select any of them when you select the level of compression.
  • It now gives proper advice when the "tmpfile: access denied" error is encountered. (reboot or run as admin)
FrontPAQ versions 2 and 3 were made by moisesmcardona and included different compression engines. You can also find version 5 on his site which uses more up-to-date compression engines. I will update FrontPAQ only when I make changes in the front end so you can find the latest versions either on moisesmcardona's site or you can get them from this great forum and drop the one you want to use in FrontPAQ's directory and it will use it instead of the embedded. On the forum you can also discuss about FrontPAQ in this thread.

To download FrontPAQ v4 click here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SFTM v2.0

Super Fuck This Mind (my Mastermind solver) has been upgraded! Parts of it have been rewritten and it includes 5 new features:

1. You can tell it to ignore combinations that contain a color more than once.
2. Color names can be easily customized.
3. You can now play your own moves instead of the suggestion that will always be given. That way you can continue old games by playing the old moves again.
4. The above settings can either be typed into SFTM whenever you run it or read from textfiles.
5. If it detects a mistake it will ask for the correct combination and spot the mistake you did.

I also included a benchmarking version too which will tell you how many moves are needed on average for different settings.

Here is a screenshot:

Don't forget to read the included README! It explains most things, I think!

You can download SFTM from here. Have fun cheating!

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