Thursday, October 1, 2009

SFTM v2.0

Super Fuck This Mind (my Mastermind solver) has been upgraded! Parts of it have been rewritten and it includes 5 new features:

1. You can tell it to ignore combinations that contain a color more than once.
2. Color names can be easily customized.
3. You can now play your own moves instead of the suggestion that will always be given. That way you can continue old games by playing the old moves again.
4. The above settings can either be typed into SFTM whenever you run it or read from textfiles.
5. If it detects a mistake it will ask for the correct combination and spot the mistake you did.

I also included a benchmarking version too which will tell you how many moves are needed on average for different settings.

Here is a screenshot:

Don't forget to read the included README! It explains most things, I think!

You can download SFTM from here. Have fun cheating!


  1. Nice work dude.
    BTW, how can I prevent the window from going away after game is solved and start a new one instead?
    I know nothing about LUA programming!

  2. Thank you!
    Right click on the Batch file (the file you run to play the game) and edit it.

    Then change the contents to:

    @echo off
    luajit.exe SuperFuckThisMind.lua
    goto again

    That should do the trick. ;-)

  3. I have a game that only tells me the correct colour in correct places, but doesn't says how many correct colours i have.. Is it simple to edit?

    Thank very much, Great programs congratulations ;)

  4. It's quite simple if you can understand the code more or less. You have to remove any code related to "whitepins" and leave intact the code for "redpins". I have a new version of SFTM which I will publish soon btw...

  5. The LuaJIT binary included with this is showing up as being infected with a Trojan. Using AVG, if it matters.

    ".\SFTM\LuaJIT.exe";"Trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames3.AZUK";"Infected"
    ".\SFTM\LuaJIT.exe";"Trojan horse PSW.OnlineGames3.AZUK";"Infected"

  6. FFS what am I doing? Anonymous thank you for noticing that. If you read the latest post (It's called "Fuck SFTM") you will see that I had already noticed that virus and I had updated the zipfile, BUT FOR SOME REASON I DIDN'T UPLOAD IT!!!

    I hope everything is OK now. :-(

    Seriously I might be on drugs or something without knowing about it.

    Or maybe there are Gremlins in my house.

    Just in case, if you play Lineage or any other online game, change your password...


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