Friday, February 15, 2019


It's this time of the year again when I post something on my blog. :-)

This time it's a small website webpage mainly for color-blind people. It's a test. You are shown a series of pairs of squares, each square has a circle of differing color, you keep clicking on the square that you see the circle inside it bigger. When the test is done it will show you a map of your color perception like the following:

In areas of this triangle where the lines are more dense, you have more detail when distinguishing colors from each other. In areas where lines are sparse, you are having trouble distinguishing colors from one another.

Additionally you are given the option to filter any image you want through a filter that will morph the color space of the image, moving colors away from the areas of the color space that you are having less detail and into the areas where you can distinguish small differences in color. This will mess up the colors of course but the theory behind it was that it would allow someone with color-blindness to experience a bit more color detail.

There is also the option to do a reverse filter which will (again, in theory) allow others to see with less detail like the person who did the test.

Finally there is an option to show you which areas in an image have hues that belong to areas of the color space that you don't distinguish properly. The brighter, the worse you can see that color.

Just keep in mind that this tool maps not only your vision, but your screen as well. I get different triangles depending on whether I do this on my Android or on my laptop.

And finally don't forget that there is no serious science behind this, this is just me playing with colors.

Visit Colrobal.

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