Thursday, May 19, 2022

Aperito v1.3.1

I fixed a small bug that made Aperito hard to use in windows when copying across different filesystems. If it fails to set permissions or modification dates on the target directory of a copy or in the duplicates directory of a deduplication operation Aperito will no longer crash. I'm trying to reserve hard crashes only for cases when data loss could occur and even then you can disable them with the nonstop command.

 The latest version can be downloaded from here, and the signature from here.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Aperito v1.3

I've been using Aperito to figure out what files I need to backup for months now. I usually copy a directory with lots of files to an external drive, and then I use Aperito to load a huge list of previously "seen" (and therefore backed up) files to clear the duplicates. What's left is then manually organized and and added to my backups.

The only problem with this procedure is that the more often I backup, the more often I have to take a full copy of the directories that I want to backup, only to immediately have Aperito discard most of the stuff in them and backup a few new files. And the fuller the location where I backup becomes, the harder it is to temporarily fit another full copy of the source directories.

So, to help with that, I added four new commands which flip Aperito's logic around and instead of moving out from a directory files that have been "seen" before, it will instead copy files that have NOT been "seen" to a second directory, preserving the original subdirectory structure.

Additionally some minor corrections to code and documentation have been made in this new 1.3 version.

  The latest version can be downloaded from here, and the signature from here.

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