Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sooooooooooo.... Ehem... It looks like the LuaJIT interpreter I have included in SFTM was infected. If you look at the comments on the initial post about SFTM, an anonymous user had warned me about a virus in the interpreter. Back then, only the heuristics of Avira was detecting that virus but even that user said that after an update Avira stopped detecting it. Other AV programs weren't detecting anything. Now Avira detects it again as TR/PSW.Nilage.hij. It looks like it's a hijacker stealing Lineage passwords (who plays Lineage on the official servers anyway?). I sent the file to VirusTotal and 18 AV programs are detecting it as a virus so it's official... FFS I've spread this file over many of my projects but thankfully all of them are private ones (except for SFTM obviously).

If you downloaded SFTM then scan your computer although it doesn't look like a spreading virus. I'm sorry for causing any trouble. I uploaded a new clean zipfile so you may download that one if you want. It will probably be faster too since I will inlclude a newer version of LuaJIT.

I still cannot remember if the included version is one that I've found on the web or if I had compiled it myself. I can't believe that I was running a virus since 2008-2009 since I had scanned my flash drive hundreds of times... I guess they just started detecting this variant of the virus (other variants existed long ago).

I've also made, and still not published, UFTM (Ultra Fuck This Mind). An optimized, and upgraded version of SFTM. The main change is that SFTM now will not try combinations completely randomly, instead it will actually think which combination is the best to play, based on the average information it expects to gain by playing that combination. The main disadvantage is that it's Ultra slow. I may upload it soon though.

Edit from 2021: Apparently this might have been yet another false positive but DYOR: https://www.solarstrike.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=1393

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