Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Program - LightAss

Before some months I played a game with a friend. He quickly made up a story which he kept secret and my target was to unravel this secret story by asking questions that can only be answered with "yes" or "no". What I found out about his story was this: There are some sheep which in this story symbolize the university students. There was also ten wolfs which came to eat the sheep because they were trespassing into their cafe in order to eat the grass that was on the floor. This cafe was inside my university, it had no door, only windows. The university was under occupation by the students. The sheep got into the cafe through the windows and then locked them and threw the key somewhere on the floor but the wolfs could see it. Because I didn't find any meaning in the so far revealed story I asked my friend to tell it to me. But in fact there was no story at all. He simply answered "yes" if my question ended in "a". So the story was created purely by my imagination as my friend had no way to affect my thoughts. I wanted to play this game more times but this was not possible because now I knew the rule. So I made a small program that created a rule each time you want to play and then answer your questions using this rule. Of course the rule is extremely complex for the human mind so that you cannot deduce it after seeing the answers for many questions. I named the program after "translating" the name of a popular Greek script writer named Foskolos ("Φώσκολος") who also writes crazy stories. "Fos" ("φως") in Greek means light (as a noun). "kolos" ("κώλος") in Greek means ass (although it is spelled differently in "Foskolos"). So a "translation" of "Foskolos" is "LightAss". LightAss can create 1000 different rules based an "story codes". If you create a story and want to continue working on it later you can use the save/load buttons. You may also use a story code of your choice (that will create a specific rule). You can download LightAss by clicking here.

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