Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Old Program - Where

One thing I used to hate about Windows (I now have switched to Linux) was their file search program. It's REALY SLOW!!! I hated watching that stupid dog digging and digging without finding anything. And the funny thing is that I had turned on file indexing that "enables faster searching" according to Microsoft but no good. The only fast way to search for files is the dir command. Open the command line and type: dir c:\filename.ext /s /b This will search and list every file in c:\ that matches the specified filename.ext (you may also use wildcards in the filename. * means any number of characters, ? means any character). But still this wasn't enough for me. I wanted a fast searching tool that would navigate me directly to the results, something that the dir command could do. So I made one with Visual Basic. I named it Where. It's extremely small and at least as fast as the dir command, that means that it is much faster than the stupid dog. The only drawbacks are that it doesn't accept wildcards and that in some rare cases will not find some files that match the search text (I read on some forums that this is a Visual Basic related bug). You can download Where by clicking here.

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