Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Program - Anonymous NET SEND

Windows messaging is a service that runs on the background of Windows (this is the default for Windows up to XP SP2. After that you have to manually turn this feature on). It's purpose is to send and receive messages to and from other users on the same local network (on older versions of Windows it used to accept messages from the Internet too, which was a welcoming gesture for spammers.). When you receive a message a window pops up containing the name of the computer that sent the message, the time on which it was sent and the message itself. Messages can be send by issuing the NET SEND user message command on the command line. But this of course will reveal the name of your computer to the recipient.

Anonymous NET SEND allows you to spoof your computers name while sending a message to another user.

You can download Anonymous NET SEND by clicking here.
The source code can be found here. (link broken, ask me if you want it)  (VB6 source released under GNU/GPL v3 or later)

Here is a screenshot:


  1. Hello.You have made a good job with this program.I wanna ask you if could send me the code to the same program in java to be much more portable (on linux , on mobile phone with wlan).My e-mail adress in .Thank you very much

  2. Hello Robert. The program is written in Visual Basic 6 and uses some Windows API calls to do the job. I can post the VB sources and I will do so tommorow. But my Java knowledge is not that advanced and I am not even sure these API calls even exist on Windows Mobile (they surely don't on other java enabled mobiles).

  3. If you have post the code can you tell me where or you could send it to my email adress.I don`t know if will work on Windows Mobile but i think it will work on Symbian.


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