Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FBF 1.7.0

Brainfuck is a very beautiful esoteric programming language with only 8 commands. You can make any algorithm you can think of on this language but in most cases it is very hard to do so. In Brainfuck you do not have variables, functions, constants and many other convenient features that most programming languages have. You only have an array with byte sized cells (some implementations allow for other sizes too) and a pointer. Initially all cells in the array are equal to 0 and the pointer points to the beginning of the array. Now you can only issue 8 commands that are symbolized by one character and take no arguments: "< > - + , . [ ]". "<" decreases the value of the pointer by one, while ">" increases it. "-" decreases by one the value of the pointed cell on the array, while "+" increases it. "," read a character from the keyboard and stores it in the currently pointed cell, "." prints to the screen the character stored in the currently pointed cell. "[" will jump to the command after the corresponding "]" only if the currently pointed byte equals to 0. "]" will simply jump unconditionally to the corresponding "[". That's all. With this commands you can make any calculation but it will be very hard. You can see Brainfuck as a nice brainteaser; just think of an algorithm and try making it in Brainfuck. For more information on Brainfuck read this article or visit the open directory project for Brainfuck related pages.

(FBF) is a programming language which I made. It compiles directly to Brainfuck code and supports many features found in common programming languages so it makes creating a Brainfuck program easier. Of course you are not actually programming in Brainfuck but you will be able to create very complex Brainfuck programs. The FBF compiler is written in Lua (which is one of my favorite programming laguages) and will run on both Linux and Windows. In the zipfile you can find an extensive documentation, the source code of the compiler (GNU/GPL version 3 license), Lua interpreters for Windows and Linux and some example programs in FBF.

Here is a small program written in FBF:
#DIM char
READ char
UNEQ char '.'
IFNOTEQ char 'z'
INC char 1
IFEQ char 'z'
SET char 'a'
PRINT char
READ char

You can download FuckBrainfuck by clicking here.


  1. Wow - BF is surprisingly similar to a simplified PostScript. Programming in PS gives me a headache as well ;)

  2. Method 2 is the best option.....But the best even though it's not here is to go with PortabeApps and with NSIS...:-)


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