Monday, February 11, 2008

SFTM (mastermind solver)

SFTM (SuperFuckThisMind) is a Mastermind solver. It's nothing too advanced. It supports any number of colors (although they are represented by numbers) and any number of places. You can download it by clicking here. The zipfile includes the Lua sources, the Lua interpreter for Windows and a batch file. Unzip everything in the same directory and then run the batch file.

[EDIT] Version 2.0 is out! Read the related post.


  1. Can you release a Version without duplicate Digits?

  2. It's quite easy to do it but I haven't got much time now. I'll try to make it though and post it.

  3. Hmmm, just tried running this and Avira Antivirus has detected possible malware behaviour????

  4. I have AVG and it doesn't find any infection, I also used to scan it online with Kaspersky and it reports nothing too. So I guess Avira gives a false positive. Anyway, can you post the name of the file that gives the false positive along with the name of the threat?

  5. Sure. It was pointing to the lua5.1.exe file.
    It didn't say a specific threat name, it was just saying it was possible malware based on heuristics/behaviour.
    Since I first posted, the AV has updated itself and it's now not reporting the same message - (it's now just saying unknown file and recommended the file be submitted for analysis).

    You probably you're right, must've been a false postive that they've now updated.

  6. It seems Avira was right!!! It now started to detect the included interpreter as a virus. I will update the zipfile and post something about it. Sorry! It looks like it took some time for them to detect this virus... Grrrrrr...


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