Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tiny Lua Distribution

Lua 5.1.3 has been finally released. I downloaded the binaries from LuaBinaries only to discover that the Windows version has been compiled with Microsoft Visual C++. That means that one would now need to carry along three files instead of one: the lua interpreter, and lua51.dll and the runtime library for Visual C++ (msvcr80.dll)! I recompiled the source code of Lua with Dev-C++ and now only one file is needed, just like the Linux version! I also compressed the two versions with UPX so that each one of them is around 65KB. You can download these two tiny interpreters from here.


  1. well, it totaly deppends how it is builded in VC++

  2. Probably you are right but anyway I don´t have Visual C++. I have no problem with the Visual Studio series of Microsoft by the way. In fact I like VB a lot and I used it in the past. If I compiled it like you say so that it is just one file, would it include the whole msvcr80.dll (meaning that it will be quite big)?


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