Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Aperito v1.5.3

    Version 1.5.3 of Aperito doesn't show the message about applying permissions to directories when there are none to apply. It also stops affecting the modification times of directories in the source tree (those would change as files were moved out of them). A bug that could stop read-only files from being moved has been fixed as well as a potential crash when "keep shallow" was used and a few bugs regarding the preservation of mofication times in directories on the target tree were squashed. Finally the copy commands will no longer overwrite files in the target directory, not even if you use the nonstop command because that's not what nonstop is supposed to be doing. Finally Aperito now has an end2end test suit (mind you, I have not yet tested the test framework on anything but Linux) which I'll keep expanding to see if I've missed any cases. Upgrading is highly recommended.

 The latest version can be downloaded from here, and the signature from here. Source code is included in the zipfile.

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