Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Colors I see you ("Colors I see you") is a website I quickly made to test out an idea for an animated color blindness correction filter.

Normal color blindness correction filters will simply transform the color space of an image to make it possible for color blind people to distinguish between some of the colors that they normally can't. That also means though that in the "corrected" version they are unable to distinguish between colors that they normally could and also all the colors look completely wrong.

So the idea I had was to use animation to be able to present to the person both the base image in it's correct colors, while periodically flashing a second version of the image that causes areas to become brighter or darker depending on what color they really are. For example red details flash bright while green details flash dark.

For example take this image that someone posted on reddit:

It's a tree that hasn't become fully red during autumn yet because part of it was illuminated by that lamp. To someone with protanopia this looks like this: (if I implemented my filters right)

The distinction between red and green is gone. So what the website gives you is the following image:



The animation on the website is smoother, not a bright flash like in this GIF file, so if you want to see it properly just go to and upload something yourself.

You can see that the red parts of the image are flashing brighter while the green ones and staying dark or becoming even darker.

I am still not very confident that I did all the math right and I plan to try a slightly different way to do the correction, especially for deuteranopia.

The site can also do correction for the anomalous forms of color blindness (when people are trichromats but with slightly wrong detection for one of the colors) but because there's nothing super scientific about the website, just try all the correction modes and find the one that works best for you.

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