Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Autozeep v6

Version 6 adds the ability to revert all files to their original compression setting. The detailed stats generation debugging feature is removed to avoid a potential bug with big INI files. It contains a richer list of excluded files. It will also show you the total savings after every run, both in the popup after the run and inside the compressed_files.txt file. Finally I changed the icon and the license.

Oh and, as always, a bunch of antiviruses detect it as a virus like they do for everything written in AutoIt3. This has actually caused me grief lately as a company called Netcraft keep sending takedown requests to my host to remove a bunch of my software from my server. That's software that I've been hosting for years and now suddenly their scanners are picking it up and I keep getting 24-hour notices to take down stuff. Thankfully Netcraft is most of the time quick to reply to my false-positive claims and they take down their takedown requests. But it's annoying that I have to keep doing this just because some antiviruses that they decided to use throw false positives for AutoIt3 scripts.

You can download Autozeep v6 from here.

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