Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick note: Why I use Firefox

Although Chrome is a very pretty and fast browser I still preffer Firefox for the following reasons: (obviously I will not try to explain why I don't use IE)
  1. Loading custom spell-checking dictionaries to Firefox allows me to spell-check both Greek and English at the same time, without even switching dictionaries (someone has already made a combined dictionary for that).
  2. There is a master password to protect the passwords in the password manager of Firefox. The Chrome guys for some reason refuse to implement that giving some ridiculous explanation on why they don't want to do it. (I can explain why it's ridiculous if someone disagrees)
    BTW that makes Firefox Portable a great choice in portable browsers.
  3. Firefox can change proxies easily while Chrome depends mostly on the system wide proxy settings (like IE) or some, not so practical, tricks.
  4. TorButton is only for Firefox.
  5. When I am making a webpage, the first browser on which it works as expected is Firefox. I've had some minor problems with Chrome when, for example, I was trying to implement a CSS sticky footer. Chrome would make the page a little bigger than the window thus showing a vertical scrollbar although there was no reason. Maybe it was some mistake I did but I had no problems in Firefox.
    For some reason Firefox, usually, is the one that shows things as I expected them to be rendered, despite Chrome being more standards compliant.
  6. Nothing compares to FireBug when you develop stuff... NOTHING.
  7. Although I still haven't done some serious tests, by my personal experience I find Firefox more responsive, compared to Chrome, when many tabs are open. But, usually, people don't work with 25+ tabs open at the same time like I do, so Chrome will be more responsive for normal usage.
Why not Opera? They stick to the standards more than anyone. These guys are good programmers, I can't deny that. But I really like having open source software when I'm using it to communicate with banks etc. Also some of the points above apply to Opera too.

Hey this note wasn't that quick after all...

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