Friday, April 1, 2011

BOINC Portable v2

I just updated BOINC Portable. I consider it out of beta although I didn't change any code in the launcher. So read the REAME.txt and you should be fine. The new versions contains the binaries of BOINC 6.10.60 32bit.

For more information read the previous post about BOINC Portable.

Get the new version from here.


  1. Hi Tritonio, thanks for the great work for developing BOINC Portable, it helps to get more volunteer to join this. Noticed version 6.12.26 is available now, hope you will be releasing a new version based on this.

  2. Hi 64bit. Yes, I will make a new version soon. :-)

  3. I had started making a version for the newer BOINC but I found some information leaks in the registry so I dropped it because I didn't have time to fix it. If someone wants to help just email me (email on the sidebar) to send you that version and you can help me track down leaks and I will try to fix them. (I've got like 3 programs that need fixing right now and almost no time to spare on them)

  4. Hi, did you stoped your activity at this project?

  5. I remember that I had some problem that I couldn't solve when I tried to make a newer version so I didn't try any more after that. :-/


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