Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DizzyDiff Search Tool

I hope you liked Where because DizzyDiff is a much more powerful search tool. It searches your disks for files either with the filename you specify or with filenames similar to it! It's ideal for searching for songs that you don't remember the exact spelling of their name.

For example you may search for "Tear of de bark" and DizzyDiff will find "Fear of the Dark" as a 82.5% match. You may search for "your my tempation" but it will find "you're my temptation" as a 89.9% match as well.

This is the first version of the program but it works quite well for me. What I haven't tested is Unicode support. I've only tried searching for filenames in english.

To download DizzyDiff (for Windows and Linux) click here. Then unzip everything in a folder and run DizzyDiffWindows.bat or The Linux version uses the Nautilus file manager to open the directories that contain the files. Of course you can change that in the source code. You may also ask me to do it for you.

DizzyDiff is open source and it's written in Lua.

Here is sample session:
DizzyDiff Search Tool version 1.0.0 by Tritonio
Use this program at your own risk. You may also share it,
with or without modifications, as long as you include this copyright
notice on all copies or portions of the program that you share.

Type the name (it hasn't to be the exact name) of the file you are looking for: in sane
From where should I start searching for it? (eg: /media/STORAGE/) Type the path: /media/TRITONIO/
Type the number of results that you want, or leave empty to show 5 results:

Please wait... /
Finished searching in 7466 files. I will show you the top 5 results:

1. 73.8% match with: is none

2. 68.6% match with: INSHAME

3. 64.7% match with: is banned

4. 58.3% match with: is release

5. 57.8% match with: 2 Name

Press enter to exit or type a number and press enter to open a window with the specified result selected...


  1. well, dizzy diff seems great, but it lacks one thing. if it could only search in id3 tags, since most of my mp3 files have names like track01.mp3, well, that would be really awesome. keep up the good work :-)

  2. Sounds like just what I need. Thanks


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