Tuesday, October 9, 2007

AskWise (Beta)

AskWise is a program that I made before two or three years that makes statistical predictions based on knowledge you give to it. I recently rewrote it in Lua so that it runs on Linux too. It is a console application now (the old one had a GUI) but the algorithm has been improved a bit. You may read the post about the old Ask Wise (the new version doesn't have the two words separated). What I just realized is that I have written AskWise three times from the scratch. The first one was in Plua, then in Visual Basic and finally to Lua. Click here to download the Beta version. Two sample databases are included. One that predicts someone's sex provided the height weight and age and another database with that tries (unsuccessfully in my opinion) to predict the resulting score of a football match based on three ratios given by OPAP in "Pame stoixima".

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