Thursday, September 20, 2007

STOP RAR (on file-sharing networks)

If you hadn't noticed there are many RAR files on all file-sharing networks. This is soooooooo STUPID! There's absolutely no reason to use RAR. I'll tell you why.

  1. If you want to distribute MP3 files you should not use compression at all! These files are already compressed! If you need to put them on a collection then consider distributing them as a Torrent and not inside a RAR file. But even if you need to distribute them on another file-sharing network then consider using a zipfile instead which is free and works on all systems (Linux does not support RAR until you install some programs and the same goes for Windows).
  2. RAR is not free. It is patented. 7-Zip is a great open source application using a much better algorithm than the one WinRAR uses which achieves better compression ratios. So, if you want to distribute something that is not already compressed, why not use 7-Zip instead of WinRAR???
  3. Some guys believe that they are hackers because they use RAR to distribute their files. Bullshit... RAR was useful during the Newsgroups' era but there is no reason to use it while there is a free alternative like 7-Zip.
Anyway. If you still haven't been convinced you should read this article. You might also read this clueless (in my opinion) article that supports the usage of RAR files.

And do not forget to download 7-Zip.


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