Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Liquid Archiver v1.2

A new version of Lar is out. The archive format is the same so this is version 1.2.


  • Much faster when archiving millions of small files. File metadata is gathered in a way more efficient way.
  • File sorting within the archive is done more quickly.
  • It does not spawn "sha256sum" processes all the time directly, instead it will spawn a "sh -s" process and feed it the required commands to run sha256sum with proper piping to named pipes. This makes a huge difference when compressing 100K files or more.
  • Apparently, when you were archiving the current directory (".") the entry for the directory was included in the archive. This was not intended as I did not want Lar to touch the metadata of the current directory when extracting an archive. I fixed it so that it will ignore any "." entries in current archives and will also not put any such entries in future archives.
  • Progress indication when creating archives is now a percentage of data processed, not a percentage of files processed.
  • Some more minor improvements in speed and memory usage.
To install Lar, save the script that you can find here as ~/bin/lar and "chmod a+x lar" it and you should be able to run it by just typing lar.

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