Friday, August 26, 2011

Skype Home Page Killer

Are you annoyed by that retarded Skype Home Page that opens every time with the newest versions of Skype? Yeah me too... I've searched around and didn't find a way to disable it so I made a tiny script (two lines of AutoIt3 code) that starts up with your computer, waits for Skype to start and when the annoying page appears it closes it and terminates.

I made an installer for easy uninstallation when Microsoft (which bought Skype recently) decides to remove that annoying feature/bug. You can get HomeKiller from here. :-) (source code included, should be in installation directory)

Good riddance... Oh and it should work no matter what language you use for Skype!

PS: It seems I didn't search enough as there is another script that looks like it does the same thing already out there... Hehe...

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