Friday, January 21, 2011

Left 4 Dead 2

I bought Left 4 Dead 2 during Steam's Xmass offers. I bought the "for four" pack for about 15 euros and gave the three copies to some friends. It turned out one of them hated zombies and never actually played it... >:-E

My first impressions were great. The game run smoothly on my computer (I had more FPS with it than with TF2) and it felt a lot like Alien Swarm, only harder. It was nice until I decided to play Versus.

Versus is a gamemode for 8 players. 4 of them play the survivors and the other 4 keep respawning as special infected (ie: bad-ass-zombies) trying to kill the former 4 guys (3 guys and 1 gal actually). I loved playing as a zombie, it was really fun even though I actually played less than the survivors since I spent quite some time waiting to respawn. What RUINED that game for me is that you can't stick in one team. After the survivors win the level or have their brains eaten, teams are switched. If there is a thing that can ruin a game for me is to be forced to change roles... I disliked it in Max Payne 2 when I suddenly had to play that chick, I disliked it in Halo 2 although I haven't played it myself, I disliked it in Zombie Panic! (and that is the reason I ALWAYS play as a zombie in Zombie Panic!). I don't have any problem seeing a story from different perspectives, I just want to play in ONE of them. It ruins my immersion if you suddenly force me to play something different. I'm trying to convince myself that I want to eat brains and 5 minutes later I have to protect my own brains??? What the fuck is that? I uninstalled L4D2 for that reason! I want to play as a zombie, I don't care about scores. I don't care about competition. Just find me 4 players that want to play the campaign as a survivor-only-team and let me eat their brains.

I might be overreacting but NO, I will not reinstall L4D until they put this gamemode in: Campaign with human opponents in the role of zombies. There are many people enjoying playing campains (including me) and there are many people (I guess) that would love to play freely as a zombie (including me again). So this gamemod is a win-win, they will all get satisfied. After all I am offering for free my intelligence to replace an artificial intelligence, and Valve doesn't want me too...

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