Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AskWise v1.1.0

I would like to test this version a bit more but it seems stable so I am releasing it. The new features, as found in the changelog are:

v1.1.0: The stiffness has been removed. Some minor improvements on the prediction algorithm. The database format has also been changed. To upgrade a database to the new format, just remove completely its second line. Batch prediction feature added*. Nano is now the default external editor for Linux.

*The batch prediction feature will help you get lot's of predictions at once by inputting TSV files with queries into AskWise.

Also in the process of writing v1.1 I might have fixed some bugs that might have or might have not existed in the v1.0. :-)

For more info about AskWise you might want to read all posts about it.

The new version can be downloaded from here.

PS: Here is a small Lua Quine I made: s=[[ print("s=\[\["..s.."\]\]"..s) ]] print("s=\[\["..s.."\]\]"..s)
Quines are programs that output their source code when run. You can find Quines in many languages here.

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