Monday, June 2, 2008


There are a few programs that manage to make me angry every time I use them. But nothing compares to Windows Vista. It must be by far the worst OS I have ever used. I mean, Microsoft must have really tried to create such a mess, it can't suck by accident.

It's sooooo sloooooooowwwww..... I have friends with Vista on their laptops, some of them just use them for office and internet, not a single game or other application. Well it takes around 10 minutes to do a restart! Before some days I was waiting 7 minutes for the shutdown before forcing a power off myself! (no it wasn't even installing updates)

Apart from the speed issues there are million other problems. It's amazing how they managed to mess up every single aspect of the OS. Even the console (the command prompt) doesn't support drag and drop!!! WHY??? Are they crazy? I mean, did they actually pay someone to do this??? In addition to this the changed the layout of the start menu to a more flat one. They also made changes to Windows Explorer. I was looking into a folder containing C source files with the details view mode, well, Vista insisted to show me artist name, album, etc for every source file! For some unknown reason it though this was a music folder! (Perhaps it wouldn't do so if there was a Visual C++ project file in the directory >:-P ) All of the above make Vista the worst OS for a programmer or even someone that wants to do more than surfing and writing in Microsoft Office!

Another really stupid aspect is that dialog that pops up every time you try to alter system files. I really like the extra security that it offers but a virus managed to infect a system without even triggering this dialog! (I accidentally run the virus on a friend's computer) So no extra security actually, just extra confirmations to get on your nerves.

Vista is really a stupid OS for stupid (trendy) people that want to see glossy windows, but even their 3D effects are inferior to what Compiz offers to Linux users (and of course Aero needs even better hardware).

The funny thing is that I am planning to buy a new laptop but they all ship with Vista preinstalled! Of course the first thing to do will be to get rid of them but I don't even like the idea that I will actually pay for this crap!

The dialog reads:

33 days and 0 hours remaining

Copying 1.506 items (6.03GB)

from Local Disk (C:) (C:\) to FREECOM HDD (G:) (G:\)

About 33 days and 0 hours remaining

Well, this was not Vista's fault (drive G: was problematic) but it describes, a bit dramatically, what you will go through if you use this NOS (Non Operating System)

Want some more?

Get a life...

PS: ZVista is pronounced like the word "delete them" or "clear them" in Greek.


  1. I can't agree with you about restart, vista is made for new PC not for some old pc.

    extra security is possible disable like all others funcsions what you don't like

  2. Allan, I bought a new laptop which shipped with Vista. The reboot took around 5 minutes out of the box. Vista is for supercomputers... And the times I mentioned are also of new PCs that shipped with Vista. Of course you can disable everything to get them going faster. But still they will be less secure, beautiful and usable, than a well cared Linux system.

  3. LOL.. seriously man.. dont judge something if u aint travel that deep enough.. cant agree with u more with the startup n shutdown loading times (might be due to left uninstalled registry keys left behind cause ived noticed whenever i run reg clean or manually do it, damn! super fast as new comp)... sure is the commandprompt is sucked with dragndrop but good thing theres a small tiny program out there like "DropCommand.exe" to allow drag n drop on cmd.. I can say microsoft is stupid in their creation, as for vista u can even make urself a backdoor n bypass the login screen and run as system user or reset any other local user's password with "net user administrator *"...another thing about vista coolness is if u digitally sign urself the "ntkrnlpa.exe" and patch n rename it to "ntkr128g.exe" u cud even run more then 4gb++ ram...not sure bout whether r they really lieing on vista 32bit running more then 4gb or was it because it needs a digital sign n thats how they make money when people buy 64bit oses.. seriously theres more to downs on vista for less tech people unless they know what they are doing to bypass all this shitos from vista.. i give my thumbs up for win7 though~ =)

  4. I got a bit confused about whether you find vista cool or not. In the beginning you say "don't judge unless you traveled deep enough" but then you start mentioning all the negatives of Vista. The hack that allows you to run on more than 4GB is both good and bad. Good because, well, there is a way to use more than 4GB (I though that it was possible without a hack though, and I know it's impossible on 32bit anyway) but it is also bad because this things should be supported by the OS itself. So I guess that you agree with me that Vista sucks out of the box and needs a looooot of tweaks to be considered a proper OS, hence it is only for tech people. On the other hand tech people will probably use Linux since they allow a completely different level of customization and tweaking... :-)

    So in the bottom line I consider Linux the best OS out there both for techies and beginners (Ubuntu couldn't be easier to grasp and work on lots of different hardware) but I also give two thumbs up on Windows 7 which I currently use on my freaking Sony laptop... :-)


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