Thursday, September 30, 2010


BTConvert is a portable, open source, currency converter that automatically refreshes currency rates every 30 minutes. If supports conversions between Bitcoin (BTC), USD, Euros, GBP and AUD. I wrote it in AutoIt and it uses Google and Mt. Gox to get the currency rates. Its usage is fairly simple, just edit a field and press enter to convert it to all other currencies. There is also a thread in the Bitcoin forum about it.

Download BTConvert (v3) from here.


IPic is a small site I made. More like a simple, free tracking service.
Whenever you visit it, it will provide two unique links. The first one is a link to a 1 transparent pixel PNG which you can include in any HTML or BBcode you want. The second link will show you the IP of whoever viewed that picture in the past 30 days. I had some minor problems and it deleted visits after 4 days from the statistics page (instead of 30) but I think it's be OK now.
As for the legality of the site, I don't think it's illegal, Statcounter provides the same service by using javascript but in any case it's up to use to decide whether and where to use it so do it wisely.
Finally if you don't like the huge advertisement that appears on every page just install Adblock.

Visit IPic.


Bitcoin is a P2P based digital currency. You run the Bitcoin client (which is open source) and it will connect to the network allowing you to receive and send Bitcoins to other users. The concept behind the system is really fascinating. You may read this paper for more technical details or visit the official forums or the wiki for some documentation.

Here is a screenshot of Bitcoin:

What is missing from the client is that it is not portable, it offers no protection for your wallet.dat (the file that holds all your Bitcoins) and no easy way to backup. So I decided to make a portable wrapper for it in AutoIt3.

Here is a list of features:
  • It runs portably. (wow!)
  • Encryption support using GPG. The wallet gets encrypted between runs of BitcoinPortable.
  • It creates gzipped backups of your wallet every time you run it. If your wallet is encrypted, encrypted and compressed backups will be created instead.
  • It launches correctly no matter what the working directory is.
  • It shows a progressbar with an ETA of when the Bitcoin window will appear while it's loading. (based on time it took the previous time)
  • Takes care not to mess up startup shortcuts of existing Bitcoin installations.
  • Bincoin is set to idle priority ten seconds after its window appears to keep the startup fast and lower the system stress.
  • UPnP support. (using UPnPPW, a closed source command line UPnP port forwarder which has to be manually downloaded)
  • Downloads the blockchain from a server if it doesn't exist, to save time.
  • It can send all your balance to another address every hour if you want.
  • Option to add custom command line parameters.
  • First time wizard.
You can download BitcoinPortable from here (this zip includes the source code and the binary) or Pay with a tweet for Ready 2 Run version (contains Bitcoin 0.3.12 and blockchain) which will run right out of the box.

PS: More posts with new programs and small websites are coming. I've neglected posting for a long time so quite a few have been queued. ;-)

PS2: I forgot to say that there is a thread in the Bitcoin forum about it.

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